Sound and Lights

The State Theatre has a modern sound and light system which is constantly being improved. Every effort is made to encourage bands and speakers to utilize our in-house system. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requirements.

Prices for using our system is included in the Rental Fee Schedule.

Venue and Systems Information for ZAAC-sponsored Shows at the Theatre

PA Summary:
• 32-channel Behringer X32 digital mixer (EQ/effects on all outputs)
• 2 – 1000 watt 1×12 QSC KW122 FOH (now flown)
• 2 – 1000 watt 1×18 QSC KW181 subwoofers
• 2 – Front fill speakers
• 8 – Monitors/sends powered (mostly Yamaha Club Series w/QSC amps)
• 4 – additional Monitor sends unpowered (for IEM’s, etc)
• Mics, stands, cables to cover at least a dozen performers.
• Drum mics and Plexiglass drum surround.
• We do NOT have any wireless microphones.

Lighting Summary:
• PAR 64, PAR 56, Ellipsoidal and LED wash lights distributed among 8 positions.
• All lights on DMX network with hub at stage for additions.
• American DJ DMX-512 Controller or Notebook computer running QLC Plus.

Electrical Service
• 200 amp service panel.
• SIX 20-amp circuits to the stage (FOH, Monitors, Sub, Backline, Utility x 2)
• EIGHT 20-amp circuits for lighting (four at ceiling, two at floor level on stage sides)
• 220-volt 50-amp outlet at service panel for distribution panel, if necessary

Sound Policy Request:
We desire a moderate decibel level in the upper 80’s to low 90’s range, not to exceed 100 decibels at peaks (A-rating, slow response, front of room). This is to foster our reputation as an “arts house” that is comfortable for all our guests. Crossings gets more complaints about high volume than anything else. We need to keep our relatively small community coming back to remain viable. Thank you!

Stage view from sound booth

Stage view from sound booth (click for larger image)  Note image projected on movie screen with drapes only partially open.

Theatre seating view from stage corner. Sound booth is in the far back corner.