Friends of The State Theatre

Friends of the Theatre

Friends of the Theatre is a Support group who will help with the restoration, upgrading and operation of the State Theatre for many years to come. Financial and moral support and people committed to preserving the arts and cultural heritage of this beloved building, will insure that the Theatre will be around for many years to come!

Friend of the Theatre Donation Link

Checks can be mailed to Friends of the Theatre. PO Box 45. Zumbrota. MN. 55992

Concerts, Live Theatre, Dance, Movies and Educational Programs are offered regularly
Media presence keeps the public updated on progress

Upgrades to sound and lighting system
Handicapped accessible restrooms
Concession area
Lobby reconstruction
Interior renovation

Theatre Patrons come from a wide area to enjoy events
Patrons comment on Friendly and “hometown” atmosphere
Historically significant qualities provides a unique experience for Patrons

There are several options and levels of support – payments can be made yearly or monthly

BRONZE: $100 or less than $10 a month ($8.34)
SILVER: $250.00 or less than $21 a month ($20.84)
GOLD: $500 or less than $42 a month ($41.66)
PLATINUM $1000 or less than $84 a month ($83.34)

One-time donation in any amount is also available. Use this option for a gift to the State Theatre!

All donations are tax deducible
Memberships are sustainable
Legacy and Memorials available

Become a Member- Click Here : One payment Method or Monthly Automatic Installments