The State Theatre is operated by volunteers. This vital component of our Theatre is vital to our success in running events and maintaining the vitality of our organization. Volunteers are the life-blood of the Theatre! If you would like to volunteer, apply HERE.


A volunteer coordinator will contact you to request your services. If you see an event on the calendar that you would like to volunteer at, please contact the volunteer coordinator, every attempt will be made to grant your request.

The Front of the House Manager will send a reminder via EMail with details as to the date, event and when you are to report and assignment.

Description of Volunteer positions:

Bartender: Serves beer and wine to patrons at events. Refills coolers and notifies Management Team of items needing to be ordered. Requires certification (online)

Popcorn: Makes and serves popcorn, refills supplies, cleans machine after use. Training needed to operate machine.

Concessions: Sells popcorn, beverages, and candy. Handles money, ability to make change needed. Refill and close station after use. Some training required.

Projectionists: Operate projector and sound system used to show movies and other presentations. Technical skills needed. Training required.

Ticket Taker: Collect pre-purchased tickets and sell tickets to walk-ins. Ability to make change needed. Training on-site

Usher: Direct patrons to seats and assist with special seating requests. Training as needed.

Sound and Light System Technician: Operate sound system and lighting for various venues. May require stage setup of equipment.  Technical knowledge of State Theatre Systems. Extensive Training required.

Other Volunteers are needed to help in many ways such as:
Distribute posters and printed materials
Assist with advertising and media
Secretarial duties
Grant writing
Other miscellaneous tasks when they arise

Requests for help needed will be sent out via email

Bartender certification: Contact Zumbrota.state.theatre@gmail.com for details. Training HERE

2022 Volunteer of the Year – Ann Storey






2021 Volunteer of the Year – Doug Duncan






2020 Volunteer of the Year – Dick Whitaker






2019 Volunteer of the Year – Flora Burfeind






2018 Volunteer of the Year – Brenda Lerum






2017 Volunteer of the Year – Kevin Kish

December 3, 2017 Annual Membership meeting and Volunteer appreciation today- KEVIN KISH named Volunteer of the year! Congratulations!




2015 Volunteer of the Year – Candace Marx

Candace was honored at the Volunteer Appreciation Event November 11, 2015 for her dedication and hard work scheduling the volunteers at the State Theatre for 3 years!  Her work and dedication allowed the State Theatre to host many events without a hitch!
Thank You Candy!




Stage Remodeling Volunteers February 2019: Doug Duncan, Kevin Kish, Allen Nilson