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    7:00 PMCrossings Event at The Zumbrota State Theatre

    agape2017Dave Scherer has inspired youth from Brooklyn to Bosnia with his relational ministry “Hip Hop Outreach.” Performing as AGAPE, he combines rapping, dancing, and storytelling.

    AGAPE connects listeners with Christian faith, and Scherer’s energy is contagious. His stories of faith transcend differences. AGAPE brings an authentic approach by translating the theological depth of his seminary training into simple songs and stories that can be understood by every listener. His passion is to bring together people of all backgrounds and let them know about his faith.

    Scherer seeks to share a message of love that persists in spite of hatred and ignorance. While “agape” is a Greek word describing feelings of love, Scherer also created an acronym to explain his performing name further. The beginning “A” stands for African American/Asian American/Arab American. The “E” represents the European American, and the “GAP” represents the expansive space that Scherer believes currently exists between these groups in American society.

    “Not just confined to cultural barriers, we also are divided along lines of economics, ideology, politics, etc. The only way to truly bridge this divide is through God’s compassionate and boundless love, known as ‘Agape,’” Scherer says.

    AGAPE’s high-energy performances and inspirational stories are designed to encourage people to explore their faith.

    Crossings web site for tickets and more information