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  • Sun

    Looney Lutherans Christmas

    2:00 PMZumbrota State Theatre

    An original musical comedy show designed to delight seasonal audiences

    When you want an old-fashioned Minnesota Christmas, you know who to turn to — the musical, merry, menopausal members of the Looney Lutherans! These warm and witty women have created a brand new show of family-friendly comedy skits and songs to help audiences enjoy the spirit of the season, and maybe even create a new holiday tradition to boot: Hold the Lutefisk! - It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas – and you don't have to be Lutheran to love it!

    The ladies of the Looney Lutherans are back with an original holiday-themed musical comedy show, and are ready to share their practical wisdom for getting through the most stressful season of the year! “On tour” in support of their must-have holiday hostess companion, Use Your Food: A Guide to a Healthy Holiday, From Our Kitchen to Yours, Eat Like a Lutheran! The Loonies are excited to share some holiday advice—like how to motivate your relatives to vacate the guest room, unique ideas for dealing with your holiday meals, or tips on how to get your workout in while decorating the tree!

    Everybody needs to blow off a little steam during the holiday season, and laughing with the Loonies is a great way to do it. They’ve got a ton of charm and folk wisdom, and the family-friendly new show includes plenty of catchy songs and segments of audience engagement. And there’s no experience necessary!

    “The Looney Lutherans love singing together as much as we love dessert bars, so the show also pays tribute to some of our favorite Christmas songs… of course, we won’t necessarily be the only ones singing them! We love drawing the audience into our shows,” said Looney Lutheran creator Greta Grosch, “We created Hold the Lutefisk! because we’re always making each other laugh with ideas for a quirky song or a hilarious bit, and we know audiences find these characters as endearing as we do.”

    The Looney Lutherans were first cooked up in 2006 when the founding members were appearing in the cast of the hit musical Church Basement Ladies. The company has now expanded to include additional “Loonies,” but all of these talented women have been performing for years as professional actresses, writers, singers, and improvisers. For more information, visit

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