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  • Tue

    The Zumbrota State Theatre Songwriter Showcase & Open Mic

    7:00 PMZumbrota State Theatre

    Zumbrota State Theatre Songwriter Showcase

    One of the things we are trying to accomplish at the Zumbrota State Theatre with the Songwriter Showcase event, is to share the theater with artists that want to share their music. To provide an opportunity that offers a chance to feel the energy of performing on a theater stage; to feel the lights and hear the sound of being on stage; to feel the community of others wanting the same. To be supported and to lend support to fellow songwriters and performers, while supporting the theater, that is opening its doors to many possibilities. Not the least of which is, seeing your name on the marquee and hearing applause for your songs from center stage.

    Whether you are seasoned in the field of performance or just wanting to give it a shot, becoming involved in the Open Mic portion of these Songwriter Showcase events will allow yourself and others to feel the sense of community in a like minded genre of expression, music and song. Come be inspired or inspire others. Come to entertain or be entertained. Come and share your gift of music while partaking of the gift of others.

    The Sign Up procedure is fairly simple. Send an email to or click the SEND EMAIL button on our Facebook page, The Zumbrota State Theatre Songwriter Showcase, (you can search @ZumbrotaSings ) will get you headed our way.

    In that email, tell us who you are, which date you would like to be a part of and just a little about your performance, Like…” Hi my name is Jeff and I play guitar and sing. My wife will be singing with me and playing piano.” I will be sending out a list of performers for each event via email. I will also be posting that list on our Facebook page. That list will have a performance ‘schedule’. That schedule will also have room within it for Walk-In Sign Ups.

    Also, please be prepared to send a “promo” image you would like us to use to promote your involvement in the showcase. Also again, if you have any songs recorded that you would like to have played as part of the walk in and break music for the event, please feel free to share it in a WAV or Mp3 file. We will be playing these recordings at each event as background music.

    THE MORE THE MERRIER! Invite EVERYONE!! The Zumbrota State Theatre is a non-profit venue. The Songwriter Showcase events are free to all who attend, and we hope and encourage you to self-promote and invite your friends and fans to come out and help support your music. This is an incredible opportunity to be part of a community that supports music and arts.

    Beer and wine and other concessions will be available during the showcase. Also, we encourage and appreciate any free will offerings.

    This event is hosted by me and my wife. We are Jeff and Noelle Page and we are songwriters too! We are excited to be a part of this and to feel it expand and thrive.