State Theatre

The following events are at The Zumbrota State Theatre.

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  • Sat

    "Murder at the State!" An Original Murder Mystery Written and Directed by Paul Warshauer

    7:00 PMZumbrota State Theatre

    There is trouble at the State. Don D. Dahmdan, the Mob Boss from Mazeppa has his eye on the State and has his henchman, Boobles, is ready to take out any opposition. The Don wants to make the theatre a private casino thus closing it to most of the public. The citizens are outraged including a local historian, Lotta Stuffatah and her brother, Otto Schleissithoff, a local hog farmer. Mayor Fred Flipflappah cannot make up his mind but his wife, Frieda Flipflappah is out for blood. The normally cheerful Chamber President, Suzie Sunshayne is in a pickle about what to do. Finally, Roma and Jules, a young couple who volunteer at the State, are willing to do anything to keep their favorite theatre alive! One thing is for certain, there will be a murder, and someone will be unmasked by the end of the performance. Join us as thec audience tries to sole "Murder at the State!

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